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Pikes Ibiza


Steeped in rock ‘n’ roll history.


In this house of heritage you’ll find many bars dotted throughout the hotel. Choose to be within the sprawling fairytale gardens, the living room of once Freddie Mercury or be beside the famous aquamarine pool which was the location for Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’ video. You can sing & dance the night away in bath tub ball pit, to some classic karaoke anthems, dress up in Sunny’s fancy dress boudoir, or get down in the disco room. The night is what you make it.


With its unique rustic charm & quirky setting, this weird yet wonderful hidden gem in the hills of San Antonio will have you hooked. Pikes is one of the few places in Ibiza that still represents the authentic, carefree, Balearic spirit of the island. Created in the late 1970’s by the legendary Tony Pike, it has for the last few decades been a playground for the music and cultural elite with regular guests including artists such as Grace Jones, Tony Curtis, Spandau Ballet, Bon Jovi, George Michael and Freddie Mercury. There is no hotel in the world quite like Pikes, the only danger of booking is that once you check in, you’ll never want to check out…

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