Secret Room Dubai

Dubai’s best kept...

The epitome of partying in true style and luxury.

The Club

Forget about VIP valet or rolling out the red carpet for a grand entrance, arrive at Secret Room in the most talked about way by driving your supercar straight into the middle of the new nightlife venue, an arrival only for the super-elite. Open every Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays, Secret Room explores all aspects of Hip Hop and R&B as well as Trap, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Afro beat, House & EDM.

The Events

Not just any night club or lounge, Secret Room is the epitome of partying in true style and luxury. The intimate space boasts 18th century style including a hand painted mural, antique candelabrums and elaborate crown mouldings throughout.

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Head down after Skyline Thursdays at The Penthouse for the biggest party in town.

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